Pressurizing Tank of paddle balls and tennis

Adapt better to the physics of the ball, to understand before your Game, calibrating your power and taking the Control from your Precision with a Quality consistent and always maintained rebound in your games.
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Discover the Importance of Pressurizing your Paddle and Tennis balls

Ball pressurizing tanks are the only option for extend service life of the balls, save money long term and support a sustainable ecology. It guarantees optimal performance and a satisfactory experience for players, reducing the possibility of injury and prolonging the power and effect of the game in all their matches.

He BallRizer R&D Team After more than 3 years of Testing and Research, Has Developed Pressurization Tanks more secure, with greater capacity, faster and easier to use on the market, adjusting the best prices for our Consumers and providing Value Content and Training for our Clients and followers on Social Networks.

Avoid Injuries

We restore the original pressure of the balls
Certificado CE

CE Certificate

We have the best tanks on the market with EU certification.

Sustainable Ecology

Avoid deforestation and unnecessary manufacturing of balls that increase in price every year
Capacidad para 432 bolas

Capacity for 432 balls

The BallRizer T-400 has the Largest Capacity to Pressurize Large Quantities of Balls in the World.

Save money

You amortize the Investment of a Pressurizing Tank in 12 to 18 months
Cuadruplica la Utilidad

Quadruples the profit

You can double, triple and even quadruple the life of the balls.

more savings

Exclusive BallRizer Benefits

We take care of all our clients by offering them training for clubs or Monitors and a personalized Technical Service.

Save more than €1000 a year

Amortize your investment by saving hundreds of euros a year by extending the life of your paddle and tennis balls.

European Union Certificate

With built-in safety valve and pressure gauge. Quality guarantee in all its materials.

Home delivery

Transportation to the requested location.

2 years warranty

2 year warranty on all components, except the gasket and pressure gauge.

Quick entry mouth

Wide and comfortable mouth for faster and easier introduction of ball bags.

Innovative and durable material

Of the Best Quality, reinforced with Resins and improved fiberglass.


"As a tennis court owner, ball maintenance is a constant concern. I discovered pressurizing tanks and couldn't be happier with the results. The balls stay in excellent condition for longer, which has allowed me to reduce "In addition, players appreciate the consistent bounce and quality of play. Without a doubt, pressurizer tanks are a smart investment for any tennis court owner."

Eduardo Barros Morilla
    Eduardo Barros Morilla

    Tennis Court Owner

    "As a padel court owner, maintenance and economy are key aspects for me. The ball pressurizing tanks have been a real revelation. Not only have I been able to extend the life of the balls, but I have also managed to reduce costs "The players have noticed the difference in performance and are satisfied with the playing conditions. I highly recommend the use of pressurizer tanks for any padel court owner."

    Carlos Quintana Fernández
      Carlos Quintana Fernandez

      Padel Court Owner

      "As a tennis teacher, the condition of the balls is essential to offer a good quality of teaching. Since I started using a pressurizing tank, I have noticed that the balls last much longer without losing their performance. This has allowed me to reduce the expenses in purchasing new balls and providing my students with a constant and quality playing experience. Pressurizing tanks are an indispensable tool in my work."

      Ana Perez Morales
        Ana Perez Morales

        Tennis teacher


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        Our Pressurizing Tanks adapt to your needs depending on the number of balls you use and the size of the club.

        T-100 pressurizer

        It is ideal for small clubs with one or two monitors or also for individuals.
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        T-400 pressurizer

        For Large Clubs and Schools of Paddle and Tennis; supports 6 Monitors, Perfect for Ball Recycling companies.
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        T-200 pressurizer

        For Medium Clubs and small Padel and tennis schools, it supports 3-4 monitors.
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        "Balls don't grow on trees, although we would like to."

        Ball Manufacturing and its Environmental Cost

        The production of paddle and tennis balls is a process that, although essential for the sport, has a significant impact on the environment. At Ballrizer, we understand the importance of addressing these environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices that mitigate this impact. Below, we explain in detail how ball manufacturing affects the environment and how our solution helps reduce these effects.

         Raw Materials and Energy

        The manufacturing of padel and tennis balls begins with the extraction and processing of raw materials, such as rubber and felt. This process consumes large amounts of energy and natural resources. Additionally, rubber production, in particular, often involves deforestation and the use of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

         Production and Emissions

        The factories where the balls are produced also generate significant greenhouse gas emissions. The energy used in the rubber vulcanization process and in the assembly of the balls contributes to the carbon footprint of production. These emissions not only affect air quality, but also contribute to global warming.

        Waste and Residue

        Once manufactured, balls have a limited useful life. Padel and tennis players and clubs often throw away balls after just a few uses due to loss of pressure, generating a large amount of waste. These discarded balls can take years to decompose, contributing to the accumulation of trash in landfills and, in some cases, the natural environment.

         Transportation and Distribution

        Transporting balls from factories to retail outlets and sports clubs also adds to the environmental cost. Vehicles used in transportation emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants, increasing the ecological footprint of the product.

        Revolutionize your Club with ecological solutions.

        At BallRizer, we are committed to revolutionizing the world of padel and tennis through innovative and sustainable solutions. We understand the importance of offering products that not only improve the gaming experience, but also contribute to a greener and more economical future. This is why we have developed our pressurization tanks, an advanced technology that extends the life of the balls, benefiting both the environment and your budget.

        Company Mission

        Our mission is clear: to provide a tool that allows padel and tennis clubs to operate more efficiently and sustainably. By using our pressurization tanks, clubs can:

        1. Reduce Waste
        By prolonging the useful life of the balls, we reduce the amount of balls discarded, significantly contributing to the reduction of waste.
        2. Save Costs
        Less ball replacement translates into a considerable decrease in recurring expenses, allowing resources to be invested in other areas of improvement for the club.
        3. Improve Player Experience:
         Balls that maintain their optimal pressure ensure consistent quality play, meeting player expectations and elevating the club's reputation.

        Our products have been designed with precision and a firm commitment to quality. We work tirelessly to ensure that each pressurization tank delivers superior performance and exceptional durability, providing clubs with a reliable and easy-to-use tool.

        At BallRizer, we believe that every small step towards sustainability counts, and we want to be your partner on this path. Our vision is to be a strategic partner for padel and tennis clubs, helping them achieve their sustainability and operational efficiency goals. We invite club directors and owners to join our mission and discover the benefits of our pressurization tanks, so that together we can create a positive impact on sport and the environment.

        We are confident that our technology will not only improve your club's operation, but will also reinforce your commitment to sustainability, generating tangible and lasting change in the sports community. Together, we can make a difference..